Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy Powder For Dog and Cat
Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy Powder For Dog and Cat

Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy Powder For Dog and Cat

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Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy Powder is a grooming aid to treat the underlying cause of tear stains in dogs and cats. Glow Groom is a powerful anti-bacterial powder that can be added to your pets regular food or snack and is proven to eliminate tear stains from within.

Glow Groom is proven to safely eliminate stains from around the eyes, mouth and feet.
Simply add to your pet's food or mix with their favourite snack.

Glow Groom powder is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Dosage Instructions

Suggested use: Add Glow Groom™ to your pet’s regular food. To ensure your pet has the entire daily dose, we recommend you give it once daily as a separate snack mixed with your pet’s favourite treat (yoghurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter, vegemite, meat based baby food or even wet cat food are some suggestions).

Another idea is to mix Glow Groom™ with a small amount of purified water (always add the water to the powder, not the powder into the water) and administer with a medicine dropper or syringe.

If you are using tablets, they can be halved or quartered and either put down the back of your pets throat, or popped inside a piece of meat, sausage or cheese.

Some animals resent changes in their food or have sensitive stomachs. We therefore recommend introducing Glow Groom™ with just a pinch of powder, or small portion of the tablet. Increase gradually during the first two weeks, until you reach recommended daily dose.

Continue on the full recommended dose for 60 days (~ 8 weeks). Then, for the following 2 weeks cut the daily dose in half. If no signs of stains or discharge, continue with a half dose every other day for another two weeks. Afterwards, if still no signs of discharge or stains; you should gradually decrease the dose amount for the next few days until zero.

It is also recommended that you carefully trim the stained areas around the eyes until the tearing turns to clear. For dogs or cats with a short coat, a good quality, temporary topical eye cleanser can be used.

Although uncommon; if stains or discharge reappear whilst using Glow Groom, this indicates the need for a more aggressive approach.

Immediately re-start the everyday regime for 30 days - doubling the original daily dose. Then revert back to the standard dosing directions.

How Does It Work?

Glow Groom works to weaken the bacteria until completely eliminated and incapable of redeveloping.

Glow Groom does not remove existing stains nor is it a quick or temporary fix to the problem.

It is a proven product that works from within on the underlying cause, to gradually reduce weepy eyes and tear and coat stains at the source.

It does not interfere with the natural production of tears.

0.9 - 2.2kg: 1/4 tsp
2.3 - 3.5kg: 1/2 tsp
3.6 - 4.9kg: 3/4 tsp
5.0 - 6.3kg: 1 tsp
6.4 - 7.6kg: 1 and 1/4 tsp
7.7 - 9.0kg: 1 and 1/2 tsp
9.1 - 10.3kg: 1 and 3/4 tsp
10.4 - 11.7kg: 2 tsp
11.8kg - 13.1kg: 2 and 1/4 tsp

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Kerie Greer

Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy Powder For Dog and Cat

I have the whitest 12-year old Maltese - she looks like a puppy!

Love Glow Groom. So easy to keep my 12 yo “puppy” white. She is a Maltese and loves to lick her paws. But she is still white!!!
Don’t even think about it, just buy Glow Groom and add the powder (only a small amount) to their food in a bit of water. And that’s it!
I now only need to add 1 small spoon to her soft food every 2nd night as she is in ‘maintenance mode’ with the bacteria in her saliva. In her ‘active mode’ it was 2-3 spoons every night. A 60g bottle now lasts me almost a year!

It works !

My Barney’s tear stains have got so much better. We have ordered another lot. Are going to try the tablets this time. But am really impressed

Raquel Wood
Good job

A great product for a great price and received in good time. Will use again.

Lyn Tapsall
Glow groom powder

I'm unsure if this is going to work as yet because my Shih-Tzu objects to the taste. He will go all day without eating. So he is not having the required amount of the powder that is recommended for his size. He will eat it mixed in with grated cheese but that's not good for him all the time.

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